About Us

A.         Nature School Dunedin (Nature School Dunedin) is an independent registered charitable organisation (CC57391) operating under the governance of its own Board of Trustees.  Nature School Dunedin's aim is to teach children social, technical and life skills through hands-on experiences out in the natural world and by giving them opportunities to achieve personal goals and gain resilience.

B.         Under the Education and Training Act 2020 sections 52 and 53, the principal and a schools board of trustees are able to release children, at their discretion, for alternative education. Children who register for the Nature School Dunedin program, remain enrolled in their Foundation School.

C.         The NSD One Day Programme is offered to children in years 4,5,6. The cost is $82 including GST per child, per day and a full-term commitment is required. We do not offer casual attendance.

Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1       By enrolling your child in the NSD One Day Programme and signing the enrolment form, you do so in full agreement with the following legally binding Terms and Conditions.  Please read them carefully.
1.2       When enrolling your child in with Nature School Dunedin you must accurately provide all information requested.  Withholding or altering information may affect or limit your child’s, or another child’s ability to participate fully and safely in our programme.
2. Bookings and Payments

2.1       When you enrol your child in the NSD One Day Programme, a commitment to the full term is required.  The number of sessions per term will be confirmed before the beginning of each term.  Your child’s place has been reserved for them each week and cannot be filled by another child if you or they choose not to attend a session.  Bookings do not automatically roll over to each new term. A new booking must be made for each term.
2.2       Payments must be made in advance prior to the commencement of each term either in full,or in installments by prior arrangement. Payment is to be made by bank transfer only. If payment is not received by the beginning of the term or due date of the first invoice then your child’s place will be void and it will be offered to another child on the waiting list.
3. Fees

3.1       We reserve the right to change our fees at any time for any reason, but, whenever possible, we will give you at least two weeks' advance notice of such change.
3.2       Any change in fees will take effect at the commencement of the next terms sessions.
4. Cancellation and Refund Policy

4.1       If you decide to withdraw your child from the NSD One Day Programme you must give the appropriate notice of one (1) week, in writing, before the commencement of the first session, and a full/partial refund will be issued to you.
4.2       If a session is cancelled due to extreme, unsafe weather a full refund will be mutually agreed upon and issued to you.
4.3       Refunds will not be given for children who are sent home or removed from the programme due to behaviour that may endanger themselves and others.
5. Attendance

5.1       If your child cannot attend due to illness or an unexpected event, please notify Nature School Dunedin as soon as possible and your Foundation School as you would normally.
6. Absences

6.1       No refunds are given for any absence. However, in the event of severe illness/ injury and/or hospitalizations a partial refund may be considered at the discretion of Nature School. A medical certificate will need to be provided.
6.2       If your child is absent due to an outside commitment such as school camp, event, or family holiday, no refund will be given. You are still required to commit and pay the fee for that day as stated above.
6.3       It is your responsibility to communicate an absence due to illness or an unexpected event as soon as possible
7. Children with special needs

7.1       Every effort will be made to include children with special needs within the limits of the NSD One Day programme's resources and environment. Special needs includes children with diagnosed behavioural conditions such as ADHD/ADD and ASD.
7.2       We reserve the right to manage enrolments in a way that ensures safety of all children and staff.  This may include, but is not limited to, a requirement that children with special needs attend with a caregiver, any cost of which will be in addition to the booking fee.  
8. Welfare & Safety

8.1       The well being and safety of all children who attend NSD One Day Programme is of paramount importance to us. We have a duty of care to all participants and all reasonable measures will be taken to ensure your child’s safety.
8.2       All Nature Dunedin School staff have undergone a police vetting process. Staff will be briefed on child protection protocols.
8.3       In compliance with the Vunerable Children Act 2014, no contractor employed by Nature School Dunedin will be on the premises during a NSD One Day Programme session.
8.4       Any volunteer who is sharing their specialist knowledge as part of the NSD  One Day programme and who has been invited to do so by Nature School Dunedin, will not be left alone with any child; a Nature School Dunedin educator will be present at all times.
8.5       In the event of illness or injury of your child, we will contact you and your child’s Foundation School.  We will contact medical authorities if applicable.  All appropriate steps will be taken to ensure the child’s well being. Any medical costs will be your responsibility.
8.6       All children should be dressed appropriately for the NSD One Day Programme communicated to you.  Each child should have their own drink bottle with water only, and enough healthy snacks and lunch to last the day.  We do not provide facilities to heat food.
8.7       We regularly review our safety expectations with participants in the NSD One Day Programme.  This includes but is not exclusive to: tool use, environmental boundaries, behaviour expectations and routines.
8.8       If your child becomes aggressive, threatening or willfully breaks the Nature School Dunedin safety rules, or is a perceived risk to any adult or child in any way, Nature School Dunedin reserves the right to protect those involved and prevent the situation escalating.  This may include but is not exclusive to: contacting the parent/caregiver to remove the child, and after considering the behaviour and its effects, un-enrolling the child from the NSD One Day programme.
8.9       All staff are fully vaccinated.
9. Pick Up & Drop Off

9.1       As part of the DCC resource consent conditions of Nature School Dunedin, no pickup or drop off is permitted at the Nature School Dunedin site unless by prior arrangement of at least 24 hours' notice and then only at the discretion of Nature School Dunedin.  This does not apply in the case of an emergency.
9.2       Pickup to attend the NSD One Day Programme will be at a designated place.  If your child is late, we will not wait more than 10 minutes after this time.  No refund will be given to late comers.
9.3       Please note that it is your responsibility to pick up your child from the designated pick up point at the specified time. Please notify us if someone else will be picking up your child, if they usually walk home, or if they are attending after school care.
10. Limitation of liability

10.1       By enrolling your child with Nature School Dunedin in the NSD One Day Programme you understand that there are risks associated with outdoor activities that cannot always be eliminated. You are able to ask questions of the staff and/or of Nature School Dunedin, to gain a better understanding of the activities before your child takes part. 10.2       Upon enrolment, you are required to read, sign and provide a consent to participation in the NSD One Day Programme. This consent is confirmation that you are aware of and understand the activities that take place at the NSD One Day Programme and the risks associated with these activities.
10.3       At the beginning of each session a safety briefing is conducted. Children will be reminded of the safety rules, safe tool use, expectations and boundaries. It is necessary for your child to follow any safety instructions at all times.
10.4       Nature School Dunedin will take all reasonable care of your child and their property during their participation in the NSD One Day Programme but will not be responsible for any injury to the child or loss of or damage to a child's property. If a child acts outside the instructions given, they do so at their own risk and the child’s parent (care giver) will be informed, which may result in possible exclusion from the activity or programme. Participation in activities is actively encouraged.  We promote challenge by choice and support and guide children to take considered and calculated risks.
11. Privacy Act

11.1       All information collected by us will only be used for the purpose of establishing and maintaining records held by Nature School Dunedin and will not be released or made available to any other person or organisation without your prior specific consent. You will be able to access that information and correct it in accordance with the Privacy Act.
11.2       A full copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our website/on request
12. Photo Policy

12.1       We reserve the right to take photos/video of activities and children participating in those activities for promotional and publicity purposes. By enrolling a child with Nature School Dunedin, you give your consent for photos to be taken of that child. If you do not want photos of the enrolled child to be taken or used for promotional purposes, will be able to note this on the enrolment form.
13. Communication

13.1       Reflections and evaluation are an essential part of our teaching and learning process.  Any notes we make are confidential and will be used to support and enhance our learning programmes.
14. Complaints

14.1       If you have any complaints about the NSD One Day Programme or staff members, you should:
(a)       Approach the NSD Educator who will attempt to rectify the situation.
(b)       If you are still unhappy you may put the complaint in writing with details of the grievance and desired outcomes.The Board of Trustees of NSD will respond to the complaint within 14 days'.Where possible, a mutually agreeable outcome will be sought.
15. Disclaimer

15.1       By enrolling your child with Nature School Dunedin and in the NSD One Day Programme you:
(a)       give consent for your child/ren to participate in the NSD One Day Programme activities.
(b)       understand that there are risks associated with your child/ren participating and you accept that, to the extent permitted by law, the programme management and staff will not be liable for accidental injuries (and any associated losses) which can occur, especially when children are involved in active play. To minimise the risk of accidents, the programme has safety procedures, including rules and boundaries for children's behaviour that will be consistently applied.
(c)        acknowledge that while extensive risk management procedures have been put in place, NSD firmly believes that the benefits associated with some risk taking activity far outweigh the risks and so children will be allowed (after discussion and risk assessment) to climb trees, use tools, use loose materials for building, explore areas with water, and play physical games.
(d)       acknowledge that no activity will be compulsory and that your child/ren will need to give their own verbal consent that they wish to take part.
(e)       acknowledge that Nature School Dunedin reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any child from any activity where the terms and conditions have not been complied with or for safety reasons.
(f)        give consent for your child/ren to take part in the NSD One Day Programme